Homemaker & Tutor, INDIA

I remember you as someone purely dynamic and extremely skilled. I have seen you as a doting mother, a supportive wife, an affectionate daughter-in-law and a genuine well wisher for all the people in your life. When around you, I have seen you as a ray of inspiration. Your never-declining enthusiasm for wellbeing of all the lives you have touched is so infectious. I have been a witness to your patience and resilience in doing your best for your special needs child and the challenges that come along. What is totally beautiful about this aspect is that the hurdles you have had to cross haven't embittered you to even a little extent. Your generosity and mindfulness when it comes to not just your growth but helping others step up in the process and push their limits is rather inspiring.


Corporate Professional, INDIA

Dear Vishali, You’re an individual with tremendous knowledge in understanding life science and has been an inspiration to many, experiencing challenges, in managing our work and personal development. So, hereby I wish you to continue your excellent work in building a better environment for us. Thankyou

Testimonials for Vishali C


Solopreneur, AUSTRALIA

Vishali is truly an inspiring individual who has managed to successfully balance motherhood with a flourishing career. Many would consider this a daunting task, as raising children is already a complex and rewarding experience. However, Vishali has taken on the additional challenge of raising a special needs child, which requires even more physical and mental effort. Despite these challenges, Vishali has not only excelled in both aspects of her life, but she has also become a remarkable coach for other moms who struggle with finding the right balance between work and parenting. Her firsthand experiences and understanding of the difficulties make her the perfect mentor and guide for those in similar situations. Vishali's strength, courage, commitment, and exceptional performance are truly admirable. What sets her apart is the unwavering joy and positivity she carries with her in everything she does. I have the utmost respect for her and wish her continued success in all her future endeavors. May she receive even more well-deserved accolades along the way!



A versatile woman who is beautiful in her attitude and thoughts and left a strong impression when I met you first. Vishali, I like the way you carry yourself traditionally yet very modern in your thinking. You create beauty and strength around you. I wish you all the best.


IT Professional, INDIA

Vishali is the first name comes to my mind, when I think about corrections in Telugu, English & Sanskrit. I feel you as a best mentor for any problem. Like always you always inspire me to be a strong mother.


Corporate Professional, INDIA

Beautiful Human being with a feather like heart who is ready to guide people in need. You already touched many hearts with your inspiring thoughts and actions. Keep Going! YOU ROCK!!!🤟🤟